What is a Specialty Running Store?

Northside Runners is one of only a few selected stores across the Australia that are classified as a ‘Specialty Running’ Store. As we provide Expert Advice on the technology of running shoes, perform Gait Analysis, and answers to all your running questions. All Northside Runners staff are passionate and experienced runners and/or triathletes, with expert qualifications.

Gait Analysis what is it?

Gait analysis is the study of human motion, measuring the bodies movement and body mechanics in relation to analyzing the structure and movement of your feet, ankle and legs during standing, walking and running. The process evaluates the biomechanics of the individual relating to the degree of pronation and any known injuries. This is important to understand in order to correctly identify the right shoe for the individual and to maintain the correct balance and align to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Throughout this process, our qualified staff can explain the wear patterns of your old running shoes and relate that too your running technique and discuss areas of potential improvements to reduce the stress and stock on the body whilst you exercise.

How much is a Gait Analysis?

Free, this is a service that we provided to all our customers to ensure the correct fit for the individual.

How long does the Gait Analysis take?

Typically takes between 15-30 minutes, it can be more or less depending on the individual.

Do I need to book in for a Gait Analysis?

No, anytime you’re  free drop into one of our stores and our expert staff will get you sorted.

What is the average cost of Running Shoes in Australia?

Approximately $200 in Australia, but it can be more or less depending on your specific requirements. We cannot compete against oversea websites due to the high cost of Australian rents, overheads and local distribution costs. However Northside Runners will be below RRP on all the latest shoe models across the major brands. Therefore you will be receiving the best advice at the best prices in Australia!

When should I replace my Running Shoes?

Depending on the type of running shoes, your technique, how often you wear the shoes, all affects the life of your running shoe. Generally 800-1000km’s, less if you wear a lighter weight running shoe.

Your body is an excellent indicator, if you are running in old shoes you increase the risk of injury, as there is less shock absorption and stability control.